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Vehicle Area Networks

USAT Vehicle Area Networks (VAN)

USAT is pleased to offer our clients a complete vehicle area network solution. It is a perfect fit for organizations that have multiple personnel riding in the same response vehicle, or staff deployed in a single special operation trailer. When crisis strikes, a VAN can improve connectivity for your personnel, while also reducing cellular costs.

USAT Vehicle Area Networks

Win-Win: Better Connectivity AND Lower Monthly Recurring Costs

  • Client Cost Savings – Lower MRCs as the data from multiple computing devices can be back-hauled through over one active line
  • Greater Connectivity For First Responders Personnel – Untethered computing through Wi-Fi enables better connectivity and communications, both inside and outside of vehicles for greater accessibility.

Real World Example: Ambulance Communications

One ambulance contains a driver and a medic, both equipped with tablet computers and a wirelessly enabled heart monitor. By utilizing a VAN, the medic can compute in the front-and-back of the ambulance and outside the ambulance using Wi-Fi.  In addition, this enables the heart monitor to also connect to the WLAN. The WiFi access point is seamlessly back-hauled using the cellular network to maximize connectivity. The communications of all three data devices are all aggregated via the WiFi access point. The two people and the monitor can communicate back and forth to the hospital emergency room, using only one WWAN cellular connection.

Vehicle Area Networks: Most Common Deployment Scenarios

  • Ambulance/EMS Vehicles
  • Special Ops Trailers
  • Fire Trucks
  • Utility Pole/Line Contractor Bucket Trucks
  • Police Cars

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