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The TRaCK Box is a self-contained, ruggedized communications kit, designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity, even in remote areas and in austere conditions. The specially designed battery will power your operations for 18-48 hours. Provide connectivity to your team with a flip of a switch.

WAN Failover

The TRaCK box can load balance or failover to any internet service.

4G LTE / FirstNet Ready

Fast & secure LTE up to 1Gbps on the carrier of your choice. Take full advantage of FirstNet.

18 - 48 Hour Run Time

On a single charge, depending on usage and configuration.

Single Button Operation

Connectivity for your team with the single flip of a switch.

Rugged Build

The TRaCK box is enclosed in a weather-proof IP67 case and meets MILSPEC drop standards.

Carry On Compatible

The TRaCK box complies with TSA and US airline carry-on standard’s giving your connectivity a global reach.

Case Study

USAT’s TRaCK Box Keeps Communication Alive under the demanding
conditions of Hurricane

Hurricane Florence was the first major storm of 2018, the storm first impacted North Carolina on September 12, 2018. The massive storm made landfall near Wrightsville Beach on Friday September 17 and dropped between 10-40 in. of rain in Central North Carolina.

Harnett County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) lost both their primary and secondary internet services on the first day of Hurricane Florence. This resulted in lack of communications to respond to the natural disaster…Read More


Commitment to your Mission-Critical Communications

USAT Support Service DevProv


DevProv+ is a suite of WWAN services designed to provide more economical and efficient wireless deployments by delivering support services and provisioning for your network devices. DevProv+ ensures that your devices are shipped “live” to your carrier’s network and are ready to be installed, right out of the box.


Incident Support

In the event a support call is received for a device with either an inactive or non-existent DevProv+ package in place, the USAT help desk will offer an Incident Support option to troubleshoot connectivity to the cellular network. All devices must have an active incident support package for the help desk to assist owners with any troubleshooting.


“Without the TRaCK we would have lost the ability to coordinate emergency response missions and put the public and our responders at risk.” – Zach Shean (Emergency Management Coordinator for Harnett County)

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