Transitioning From the GX450 To A Replacement Product

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Sierra Wireless GX450 users take note: Sierra Wireless sunset dates have been announced for all models of the GX450. While the replacement products are the RV55 for fixed IoT applications and the MP70 for mobile hotspot applications. See the formal End Of Sales notice here.

  • AFFECTED MODELS: GX450 All Variants
  • LAST TIME BUY: 31-DEC-2019 The product cannot be ordered from Sierra Wireless after this date.
  • LAST TIME SHIP: 30-JUN-2020 The last possible ship date that can be requested from Sierra Wireless

The Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 is the replacement product to GX450 offering superior performance while at the same time using the same operating system and physical connectors, aiding migration from GX450 to RV55.

The key technical differences of RV55 compared to GX450 are:

  • RV55 is an LTE Advanced Pro product, offering up to 6x LTE downlink and 3x uplink speed.
  • RV55 offers additional LTE bands and removes 2G EDGE & EVDO support.
  • RV55 offers a Wi-Fi variant with Dual 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac radios.
  • RV55 offers dual serial interfaces, supported via an optional accessory Y-cable (Part#6001238).
  • RV55 is a more compact device than the GX450.
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