Upgrade Now To Sierra Wireless Firmware 4.12.0

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Major Firmware Upgrades are now Available on the Source for the Following:

RV50, RV50X, MP70 (all versions), LX40, LX60

Access the Source here

Important Items of Note:

  • This is the first Firmware fix for RV50’s that addresses the GPS Rollover Issue on November 3, 2019
  • There are major improvements to the VPN functionality
  • ALEOS Logs can now be retrieved from ALMS
  • This is the first Firmware Release that the RV55 will use
  • Eight Security and CVE Vulnerabilities are addressed
  • Major Bug Fixes in 14 distinct areas

As always…. The USAT and Sierra Wireless Best Practice for the Updates and New Templates:

Best practice reminders for new firmware releases:

We recommend our customers update the new ALEOS and if necessary, Radio module firmware on their devices.  Once you have updated all firmware files we recommend you thoroughly test their solution to confirm the update, evaluate the settings of new features, and if necessary, adjust your settings.  Once you have the settings in ALEOS that meets your solutions needs we recommend that you save a new template with the firmware revision in the template name.  If you are an existing USAT DevProv+ customer, you can proactively send us the template built on the new firmware for us to load on future deployments.  You also have the option of sending in at the time of DevProv+ services. 

Things to note about the ALEOS and Radio firmware release:

  1. Combined, the ALEOS and Radio module firmware is roughly 67MB’s of data.  This is especially important to note for customers updating devices in the field as you will incur data usage if you do the updates via AceManager or ALMS.
    1. To avoid incurring data usage, you have the option of loading the firmware locally.
  2. Best Practice is for new templates to be built off of new firmware builds with firmware rev written to the template name.
  3. This firmware stresses the importance of changing your Device Level Password from default.  All customers should change their default password on all devices.

For Customers that do not participate in our DevProv+ services but do not want to dedicate resources and time to update new devices to the latest ALEOS and Radio Module firmware; or create newer version of an existing template USAT offers:

  • DEV-Firmware – À la carte service item for USAT to update the WWAN device firmware to the latest manufacturer published firmware. Dev-Firmware does not include any other DevProv+ service items.
  • Template Review for Sierra Wireless Gateways – USAT’s template review consultation service for Sierra Wireless Gateways is recommended for customers migrating existing templates made on previous ALEOS firmware revisions to the latest Sierra Wireless ALEOS firmware revision for the same make/model Sierra Wireless gateway. Our service provides a detailed consultation with a USAT expert engineer and your IT project lead to review and discuss best practices to bring your template up-to-date. Based on the consultation and solution outlined by your IT project lead, our engineer will recommend best practice migration methods for existing templates to be compatible with the latest ALEOS firmware; recommend any relevant changes; and educate/suggest new features that will benefit your application and your organization may want to elect to employ post-consultation. 

Note:  This update does NOT include the GX450 which is currently on 4.9.4.P09 which was released a couple of months ago.

View the Full Release Notes For ALEOS 4.12.0

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