Upgrade To ALEOS 4.12 Firmware—Key Features Outlined

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Full Release Notes and Additional Information on ALEOS 4.12

Best practices are to upgrade to the latest ALEOS firmware as software features and functionality are constantly evolving to provide a secure, feature-rich and bug-free platform. See some key highlights driving your upgrade to 4.12 below.

  • ALEOS 4.12 for the RV55, RV50/X, MP70, LX60 and LX40

This June 2019 ALEOS update  release adds several key features and functionality including:

  • RV55 – Adds firmware support for AirLink’s RV55 LTE-A Pro Industrial and Vehicle Router with Dual Wi-Fi option.
  • IPsec Enhancements — Adds support for IKEv2, expanded suite of cryptographic algorithms and certificate based authentication for greater security and flexibility.
  • FIPS 140-2 Compatible VPN – Provides FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic module providing secure connectivity for IPsec VPNs, including ACM for an end to end solution
  • Host-to-LAN VPN –  Supports IPsec host to LAN VPN tunnel configuration to support a wider range of VPN deployment models.
  • MOBIKE – Offers improved mobility for VPN connections when used in conjunction with MOBIKE supported VPN servers such as the ACM.
  • AirLink Vehicle Telemetry Configuration (AVTC) – Allows automated vehicle telemetry configuration in conjunction with the AVTC AAF app to simply vehicle data configuration.
  • CAN Passthrough Enhancements –  Provides improved CAN to AAF passthrough performance to support high performance non-vehicle CAN applications.
  • Device Logs in ALMS – Enables retrieval of device logs from ALMS, offering greater access and ease for remote support operations.
  • GPS Rollover Fix for the RV50 – Provides corrective action for the GPS Week Rollover event for the RV50. All GPS enabled RV50s must upgrade to this release prior to the effective rollover date, November 3, 2019, to ensure proper operation. For more information please review the technical bulletin on the Source.

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