USAT Corp Releases Express M2M™ Prime Network

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Introducing Express M2M™ Prime Network — Your Private Network Reimagined™

Express M2M™ Prime NetworkUSAT Corp. today announced the availability of Express M2M™ Prime Network. This nationwide wireless data network delivers the security that today’s business applications demand—yet with greatly improved ease-of-implementation over traditional Private Network offerings. Express M2M Prime Network™ enables every size business with any wireless data infrastructure project size to make a quick transition to the increased security of a Private Network without the need of seasoned IT staff to set it up.

Available in Two Service Levels

Express M2M™ Prime Network is available in two different service levels that are designed to give clients choices related to their specific security needs and their deployment timelines. In addition, for clientele whose applications require routable IPv4 Static IP addresses, Express M2M™ Prime Network offers access to these IPv4 Static IP addresses now and the future.

Gated Community

The Express M2M Prime Network™ Gated Community is a semi-Private Network that is a shared environment with a like-minded group of USAT’s business clientele who value sequestering their wireless data devices off of the Public Internet. All devices that are part of the Gated Community will have an IPv4 Static IP address. In addition, in keeping with USAT’s simplified implementation process, devices can be activated within the Gated Community in as little as 24 business hours.

Gated Estate

The Express M2M™ Gated Estate is a Private Network that is set up for one organization only and reflects the premium level of security through device segregation. Every device within the Gated Estate will have an IPv4 Static IP Address. There is a $250 one-time setup fee with minimal implementation time to create a Gated Estate Private Network.

No Minimums and No Contract Terms

No line minimums and no contract terms are required for either service of the Express M2M™ Prime Network. No line minimums mean that barriers to entry for Private Network security are removed for organizations or specific projects that do not approach the minimum requirements that are historically required for commercial entities by public network carriers.

DevProv+ Suite of Services Included

Express M2M™,, USAT Corp.’s signature service is an extension on the company’s DevProv+ offering—expanded to meet the needs of clients who desire the convenience of procuring specialized wireless network hardware, airtime, Private Network level security, rapid deployment services and post-sale support from one company.

Shorter Deployment Timelines

Express M2M™ shortens the time to wireless network device deployments which enables wireless data projects to move into production mode more rapidly with fewer issues. In addition, Express M2M™ gives clients access to post-sales support for a wide variety of WWAN devices, providing a simplified path to support. A warm spare pool for select M2M modems is made available to rapidly address “unit down” issues to ensure maximum uptime.

Increased Security

“Express M2M™ Prime Network addresses the pressing need for increased security that WWAN initiatives require in today’s business climate. USAT Corp. dedicates this evolution of our service offering to innovative businesses and agencies looking to control and monitor remote assets, transact point-of-sales events, or enable business continuity strategies in a more secure environment than the Wild World Web,” says Wade Minges, Director of Services at USAT Corp. “The continued availability of IPv4 Static IP addresses through the new services is an added benefit and is in direct response to our clients’ requests, since currently the move to IPv6 is only possible in a select few business scenarios.”

About USAT Corp.

Incorporated in 1996, with headquarters in the Triangle region of North Carolina, USAT Corp. ( specializes in improving the efficacy of their clientele’s mission-critical operations by implementing secure wireless communication solutions for remote data acquisition. USAT Corp. provides, configures, deploys and supports field-tested intelligent network devices produced by Sierra Wireless, Digi, CradlePoint, Red Lion, and other best-of-breed manufacturers. These modems, gateways and routers communicate using the public networks built out by Verizon Wireless and other carriers. In addition, USAT is the trusted supplier of innovative custom antenna assemblies needed to facilitate wireless communications from any environment–including high-gain, broadband, log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) antenna solutions by Poynting.

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