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M2M Utility Solutions:

The rise of grid modernization, wind solar and battery storage technology advancements, and diverse mobile and fixed asset portfolios are changing the way utility companies manage their business operations. The combination of these innovative practices along with industry-leveraged techniques are creating new opportunities to optimize distribution system performance.  The emergence of these ground-breaking technologies is resulting in improved decision-making and more cost-effective solutions for consumers, third-party contractors, and utilities alike.

The demand for higher usage, costs, and green initiatives are pushing electricity, water, gas, and oil utilities to modernize transmission and distribution infrastructures. Smart grid solutions require consistent end-to-end IP connectivity that is secure, sustainable, and customizable. At USAT, we offer wireless connectivity and affordable application development needed to distribute critical components for solution-oriented and revenue-generating organizations. A sample of these include:

  • Energy generation: renewable energy, distributed generation sources
  • Transmission and distribution: load management, demand response
  • Smart metering for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.
  • Electrical vehicle charging station management and maintenance.
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