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Verizon previously announced an end-of-support date for our CDMA network of 12/31/2019.

Verizon has decided to give more time for their client base completely migrate CDMA lines of service. In order to support their most valued customers, Verizon is offering a one-time CDMA network extension for a period of one year, to 12/31/2020. Verizon network users will now have until this new end-of-service date to migrate off the CDMA network. 

Key dates for all critical infrastructure users of the Verizon CDMA Network to incorporate in project planning:

Starting 1/1/2020, the following CDMA services will be discontinued:

• Device ID to device ID changes.

• Like-for-like device swaps.

• Roaming outside the US.

Starting 1/1/2021:

• CDMA support, service, and maintenance features (price plan change, suspend/resume) will no longer be available.

After the one year extension expires, CDMA service will terminate for any device not migrated off the CDMA network.

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