Verizon extends the timeline for IPv4 address requests

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Verizon has extended the timeline for Public Static IPv4 addresses from mid-2018 through December 2019, please see the full statement below:
Based on feedback we’ve received from you, our valued customers, steps have been taken to extend the timeline for providing Verizon-owned Public Static IPv4 addresses from mid-2018 through December 2019. The Public Static IPv4 reserves have been increased based on both the current and historical run rates of address reservations to support this extension through December 2019. Your existing lines of service with Verizon-assigned Public Static IPv4 addresses will continue to be supported with no changes required.

In order to ensure availability for all customers, we have implemented a policy that allows up to 500 Public Static IPv4 addresses to be requested in any thirty (30) day period. Larger requests may be accommodated following a more detailed review of your business needs as your account team works through the analysis with the product team..

Please note, as provided in the Verizon Wireless IP Address Assignment and Usage Policy, reserved addresses must be activated within ninety (90) days or are subject to being released for assignment to other customers.

Verizon appreciates your business and will continue to keep you informed. We look forward to helping you find the right solutions to meet your business needs. Please contact your Verizon Wireless Account Manager for assistance regarding Public Static IPv4 services.


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