Verizon and GE Partner for Predix Software

Verizon and GE Partner to Enable Predix

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Together Verizon and GE enable GE’s Predix Software Platform

General Electric and Verizon have announced a partnership that will allow both companies to combine their machine-to-machine (M2M) expertise to create a secure, wireless connectivity system for industrial internet applications.

The companies will be working together to enable GE’s Predix software platform, which connects industrial M2M sensors from multiple vendors on Verizon’s M2M network. In addition, GE and Verizon will collaborate on a single global SIM for global M2M connectivity.

Verizon and GE Partner for Predix Software

Mark Bartolomeo, Head of IoT connected solutions at Verizon, believes this partnership with GE will propel new IoT growth across a wide range of industries.

“The potential for transforming industries — including rail, aviation, energy, and healthcare, as well as society as we know it — is tremendous, and yet the Internet of Things is a nascent, complex and fragmented market. Driving adoption requires broadening alliances across the ecosystem. We look forward to using the power of our network and cloud platforms to enhance our long-standing relationship with GE…” said Bartolomeo.
Bill Ruh, vice president, and corporate officer at GE Software said IoT requires “new levels of connectivity,” which Verizon’s 4G network will help facilitate.

GE possesses a strong presence in healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing. As a result, the company has remained actively engaged in Internet of Things applications and contributes to other industrial internet initiatives that are currently gaining full industry support.

Earlier this year GE, AT&T, Intel, and other well-known IT companies founded the Industrial Internet Consortium, a membership group of telcos, research institutes, and technology manufacturers focused on developing interoperability standards and common architectures. The goal of the Industrial Internet Consortium is to bridge smart devices, machines, mobile devices and the data they create.

As the M2M/IoT market continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate, GE and Verizon are working together to generate new and innovative solutions that will maximize connectivity for industrial internet applications.

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