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Verizon Wireless Discontinuing 3G Network

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Verizon Announcement: Discontinuance of Verizon Wireless 3G Network

USAT clientele, please note the Verizon Wireless 3G network will be turned down in 2019. You should have already received this announcement directly from Verizon Wireless. If you have not, see the announcement below from Verizon Wireless. Please contact USAT Corp. to help you plan your smooth transition to the 4G LTE Network.

As a valued customer, you were recently notified of upcoming network changes that may impact your devices that do not support 4G LTE technology.

Verizon is committed to providing you with the best wireless experience possible, and we’re sending this notice because you have M2M/IoT devices using the CDMA network.
On Dece‌mber 3‌1, 20‌19, Verizon plans to retire its CDMA-only network (1x/EVDO, 2G/3G), and we will stop activating new CDMA-only devices after Ju‌ne 3‌0, 20‌18. But we will continue supporting the following account services through Ju‌ly 1, 20‌19: Device ID Change, MDN Change, Price Plan Change, Suspend and Resume, and Reactivate MDN.
To continue providing the best network connectivity and services for you and your customers, Verizon has multiple 4G LTE options to choose from including new Category-1 and Category-M1 modules and devices. Our 4G LTE network provides reliability, flexibility, and security to enable simple development and deployment of next-generation solutions on the nation’s #1 net‌work. Sin‌ce 20‌00, we’ve invested $111B in our network infrastructure to expand our network services and capacity, reinforcing our commitment to seamless business continuity and future opportunities for our customers and partners.
To upgrade your M2M/IoT devices to 4G LTE solutions, please contact USAT for more information regarding these changes.

For consultation on your next M2M / IoT project contact a USAT Representative

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