What FirstNet Means for Law Enforcement

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Dedicated, prioritized connectivity for those who risk everything

A solution built to their specifications

  • A network purpose-built exclusively for first responders in law enforcement
  • A commitment to growing coverage to rural, tribal and U.S. territories specifically for public safety
  • Delivery of priority and preemption capabilities, an exclusive public safety core, application ecosystem, deployable, and mission-critical services – all required by the government
FirstNet Dedicated Networks for Law Enforcement

First Priority™

  • Priority means first responders connect first – they don’t have to compete with non-emergency users for a connection
  • Preemption will make sure first responders have the bandwidth they need by detouring others off the network. This works like vehicle traffic being routed off the highway to make room for emergency

Highly reliable and extensive coverage

  • A contractual commitment to building a network designed to meet a 99.99% end-to-end service availability objective – a standard unmatched by any other large-scale LTE network in the world today.
  • A commitment to growing coverage to rural, tribal and U.S. territories specifically for public safety
  • Public safety Band 14 deployment to 95% of America’s population
  • Deployables dedicated exclusively for public safety – for planned activities and disaster recovery
  • Local control of users and applications and the ability to give others priority access to the network
  • A network backbone that supports integration with Next Generation 9-1-1 and Smart Cities public safety applications – ensuring emergency work/call flows are available to public safety

An unprecedented level of network security

  • A dedicated core with end-to-end encryption
  • Single-sign-on and federated identity, providing ease of use and integration between the network, applications and public safety databases
  • A robust and highly secure device ecosystem – with a broad portfolio of devices enabled for multiple bands, including Band 14
  • Dedicated security operations center to monitor the network (24/7/365) and mitigate threats

Critical interoperability

  • A dedicated, interoperable network, and ecosystem
  • A dedicated public safety application store with certified, public-safety relevant, highly secure and interoperable applications
  • A public safety application development program that fosters interoperability and facilitates access to new public safety applications

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